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In this online research workshop, we aim to examine the micro-foundations of intra-systemic political violence, “quotidian” our “routine” violence that is part of mainstream politics. We are interested in work on violence centered around elections, violence that is perpetrated by parties and politicians, and hostile rhetoric and violence that is (purportedly) committed on behalf of “the people.” The workshop will prioritize work on various instrumental motives for electoral violence, the cleavages around which violence forms, and citizen attitudes towards violence.

Regarding instrumental motives, most prior work focuses on violence as a tool of intimidation and suppression. But violence may also be used as a tool for mobilization. How and when do parties and politicians use violence as a tool for mobilizing new supporters? Second, when elites politicize violence, how does this process unfold, and around which cleavages does violence revolve? Third, for citizen responses, contributions may explore the conditions under which voters sanction partisan actors for inciting violence; and when they fail to do so, potentially even supporting violence. Who are the primary targets of partisan violence (rival partisans, swing voters, or ethnic or religious outgroups), which types of cleavages are salient (e.g., ethnic, religious, class, or partisan), and what kinds of violence (e.g., criminal, vigilante, partisan, or communal) yield increased support from the public? We encourage contributions engaging these questions and themes in contexts where democracy is reasonably consolidated, including in the Global North (both historical and current).

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Date & Time

  • 24 October 2022
  • 12:00 pm - 5:00 pm


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